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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Psalm 78

What a Psalm! It speaks of God's dealings with the nation of Israel. It is grand and sweeping.

BibleGateway.com Psalm 78 (opens in a new window)

I noticed something that really stood up to me and challenged my view on the sovereignty of God. What is your take on the phrase "they limited the Holy One of Israel"? How does one limit God???

40 How often they provoked Him in the wilderness,
And grieved Him in the desert!

41 Yes, again and again they tempted God,
And limited the Holy One of Israel.

42 They did not remember His power:
The day when He redeemed them from the enemy...


  • Ooooooooweeeeeeee! This has been a favorite of mine for awhile, Rose. Good point. Of course we cannot limit God, as such, but we can limit what He wants to do in our lives. Hey, check out a new post in my blog that kinda, sorta speaks to this! God Bless ya!

    Oh, by the way, v.19 kinda strikes me funny, though I know it is not meant to be funny. The people, impudently & with unbelieving hearts, scoff that God certainly can't set a table in the wilderness! And certainly this is an instance of them limiting Him in their lives, huh! Well, anyway, during a hard time in our lives, after God had miraculously worked His grace in us, I answered this verse by saying , "Oh yes He can!"

    By Blogger David Wyatt, at 12/06/2008 12:39 PM  

  • Hi Rose,

    You're really churning out the posts this weather! :0)

    I read Psalm 78 recently myself. I believe the notes of the Geneva Bible really explain this verse for us when it notes this phrase:

    As they all do who measure the power of God by their capacity.

    Of course, in a substantial way, no one can limit God any more than they can make Him a liar (1 John 1:8) I couldn't even make you to be a liar, although I could present you as such to any one who cared to listen.


    By Blogger GOODNIGHTSAFEHOME, at 12/06/2008 1:30 PM  

  • Possibly the Israelites limited God when "they provoked Him in the wilderness" by sinning, complaining, following after idols, etc. Maybe we can limit Him in the same way?

    By Blogger Kansas Bob, at 12/06/2008 1:43 PM  

  • David,
    I will check it out on your blog, thanks.
    Yes, God can set a table wherever He likes!!!! Thanks for sharing that, David and God bless you.

    By Blogger Rose~, at 12/08/2008 8:58 AM  

  • Colin,
    Am I? I thought I was slacking! They have been small posts about one a week. I guess I have done a couple coser together here. It is cold. No venturing outside for just smelling the roses. Might as well blog. :~)

    I can certainly see how that view of the verse makes sense in the context.

    Thanks for your contribution.

    By Blogger Rose~, at 12/08/2008 9:07 AM  

  • Then again, verse 32:
    In spite of this they still sinned, And did not believe in His wondrous works. 33 Therefore their days He consumed in futility, And their years in fear

    Seems to be presenting a cause and effect.

    The Israelites sinned and didn't believe and therefore God did something. He reacted to their faithlessness. He limited the present love of God and even His power for them as a people experientially, it would seem, from verses 59-61.

    By Blogger Rose~, at 12/08/2008 9:15 AM  

  • Bob,
    Yes, that is what it sounds like. Like God would have done MORE for them and their influence would have been greater and their experience more blessed if they had been more faithful.

    Would you agree with that statement?

    By Blogger Rose~, at 12/08/2008 9:21 AM  

  • Colin,
    Would you agree with that statement?

    Yes. God would, but they didn't and therefore He did not do so. Marvellous emphasis here on the responsibility of man.


    By Blogger GOODNIGHTSAFEHOME, at 12/08/2008 9:40 AM  

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