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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Toledo is in the National News

Here in my town we are shocked and amazed. A woman named Crystal Dixon, who worked for the University of Toledo wrote an article for the Toledo Free Press: The Toledo Free Press - A tradition for Toledo's future

The University fired her. They fired her for writing an editorial that says being gay is a choice. I can't believe it. What is the world coming to?


  • Wow, that was a great article. What a testimony for Christ.

    But that editor...wow is that ever a pathetic piece of writing. They sure know how to play the victim card.

    By Blogger Jim, at 5/15/2008 2:34 PM  

  • I agree, Jim. When I read that editors pro-gay article I had to re-read the first two paragraphs twice before I could even understand what he was trying to say.

    Crystal Dixon's piece was great. I can't believe they think it is fair to fire her over it. People can say all kinds of horrid things, but express an opinion about right and wrong and God's design for people and you get railroaded.

    By Blogger Rose~, at 5/16/2008 9:41 AM  

  • Hi Rose,

    I don't know if you've ever heard of the Alliance Defense Fund, but I'm pretty sure they'd be willing to help Crystal Dixon out. They're a group of Christian lawyers who "defend the right to speak and hear the truth." You can contact them through their website, telladf (dot) org. I didn't want the post to be blocked because of the web address. Maybe it's something you could bring to their attention since you're from the area.

    It's a travesty and a testimony to the depravity of man (or woman) when things like this happen. People calling good, evil and evil, good. Look at what just happened in California, the courts over-turning the ban on same-sex marriages.

    In Christ,
    Ten Cent

    By Blogger Soldem, at 5/16/2008 1:14 PM  

  • Soldem, I agree. I have to look and find an article about what is currently going on with this. I saw on the news the other night that there is an organization stepping up to help her. I can't remember which.

    Thanks for visiting!

    By Blogger Rose~, at 5/16/2008 1:22 PM  

  • Thank for posting that, Rose. Crystal Dixon is salt and light and men hate the light because their deeds are evil. May the Lord reward her richly for her stand for the truth.

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been ill. I hope that you're feeling much better now.

    By Blogger VA ~Susan, at 5/16/2008 2:11 PM  

  • Susan,
    Thank you very much. I think there are certain evil deeds that have a more punctuated effect in this regard (causig people to hate the light) and homosexulaity is one of them. I could be wrong about that.

    Thanks for the well wishes.

    By Blogger Rose~, at 5/19/2008 9:10 AM  

  • Hi, Rose, for me the most interesting issue here is the free speech issue. The homosexuality debate will never end (not on this earth, anyway!) And, personally, if some study finally proves a genetic basis for homosexuality (ie., that it is not always a choice) that would not at all prove a stumbling block to my faith. (After all, there are all kinds of genetic abnormalities/illnesses that God permits/causes/foreordains/foreknows -- fill in whichever verb you prefer ;) -- and similar contradictory studies about the presence of an alcoholism gene, and frontal lobe injuries that can cause the loss of inhibition and greatly impact sexual behavior.) Even if the orientation or feelings aren't a choice, that doesn't mean God has declared acting on them "good." For the Bible-believing Christian, that part at least should be pretty uncontroversial. The sinner, though, will always seek to justify his sin, and the justification of sexual sin is nothing new.

    There have been more and more instances of people speaking up for Christian views, however, who are being severely censured for it. This is frightening. In North Korea, China, Iran, or Saudi Arabia, being fired over speech is expected. In the United States of America??? With every new incident it has become less shocking and more frightening. I wish your international guests had commented -- I wonder if this type of thing goes on in "post-Christian" Europe.

    I have heard that America is fast approaching "post-Christian" status, but frankly I'm beginning to wonder if we're not already there. We are still quite different from Europe, but perhaps that is more in the prevalence and acceptance of "religious belief or faith" rather than actual Christianity. Openly expressed Christian beliefs that fall outside the norm of general religious belief (God, but not a God who condemns homosexual behavior or condemns those who don't accept Him through Christ to hell) are more and more frequently rejected and punished.

    Remember the U of Colorado professor (who somehow got the title without a Ph.D. and got his job based on false claims to American Indian heritage) who "described the bankers and stock traders who died in the World Trade Center as 'little Eichmanns.' He called their deaths a 'penalty befitting their participation in... the 'mighty engine of profit' to which the military dimension of U.S. policy has always been enslaved" (from Wash Post). He was fired in 2007...for his comments? No. For "serious, repeated, and deliberate research misconduct" (quote cited in Wikipedia article on him). Now imagine what would have happened to him if he'd said "those homosexuals and abortion doctors and drug users and all others who rejected Christ got what they deserved for sinning against God." Think the university would've waited years to discover academic fraud?

    Sorry for going on -- I'm long-winded anyway and the free speech issue is a real hot-button one for me. I hadn't heard of this particular case before.

    By OpenID pointnine, at 6/14/2008 2:12 PM  

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