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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Bible Has it Right

OK, so my mind is enveloped in the pregnancy. I have been thinking about it all the time. I have pondered Scriptures and made applications to Biblical truths in my ponderings. I decided rather than let my blog go quiet while I am enveloped, I would share some of my thoughts on children, families, etc... as they relate to other things in the Bible. For example, in a future post, I will discuss, "What is the requirement for this baby to become my child" ... things like that. Get it?

Firstly, though, I have a rather simple post on how I see Genesis 3:16 relating to this place I am in right now. I have three children already. I need to say that with the first two children, I never felt some of this because it was all so new and was exactly what I desired.

If I hadn't said this already, having a fourth child at this time is not what I had planned. It really took me by surprise, and if I am honest, I cried about it. It was really not what I wanted to do. Obviously, I have been warming up to the idea. (I think this is why God gives us 9 months.) I know that God has His hand in it and that children are a gift from the Lord. Knowing all this doesn't stop the feeling of being a bit overwhelmed and perhaps having feelings of (even) dread at times. How am I going to handle it all?

I was talking to John the other day and I just want to share with you something I said to him. This is me at my worst. This is not pious. These words are the honest, un-retouched thoughts of a woman who has had a few children and is expecting a child at a time that she wasn't really geared up for it. Get it?

Warning: frank, not-so-virtuous thoughts ahead:

"Pregnancy is like an irony played on the mother. You find out you're pregnant; your mind is thrown into a tizzy over the implication of it all. Then time goes on ... and you feel physically sick, or tired, or both. There is no release from the fact that the big day of pain and the years of responsibilty is coming. There is no escaping it ... it will be here. You are on a countdown to the beginning. As the countdown progresses, you become more and more uncomfortable physically. You find yourself wanting the day ... that you have been dreading ... to come, because the process of getting to it is so miserable."

At this point, my husband quoted Genesis 3:16 to me.

To the woman He said, I will greatly multiply your grief and your suffering in pregnancy and the pangs of childbearing; with spasms of distress you will bring forth children. (Genesis 3:16)
I thought, "Wow, that could not have been better put."

I must say emphatically that I do not constantly feel the negative way I described above. I am becoming more and more excited about little #4. I know I will fall in love with him/her and I will forget all the trouble of childbearing. John and I hadn't planned the third child, either, but what would we do without him? He is the joy of the family.

John also said this to me while we discussed Genesis 3:16:

"The woman's blessings come to her through sorrow."


  • It must be tough.

    I am glad your faith is strong through it all.

    May your fourth child be richly blessed.

    By Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist, at 11/07/2006 12:21 PM  

  • Rose, I firmly believe there will be a day when your child will "rise up and call you blessed".

    Only a mother knows what a mother goes through, so I will not attempt to commiserate with you. :-) But mothers are very special to their children, even if we don't always show it like we should.

    As Matthew said, may your child be richly blessed.

    By Anonymous Gordon Cloud, at 11/07/2006 1:23 PM  

  • Rose, I don't know what you are going though, but I know this baby will be blessed , and be a blessing too you and your family!

    By Blogger jel, at 11/07/2006 1:31 PM  

  • Those thoughts and words sound very familiar. My wife expressed the same sentiments with our 5th, 6th, and 7th children, though not constantly as you pointed out.

    Of course, as soon as they were born her attitude was that of thankfulness and gratitude. Then it becomes hard to imagine life without that new addition.

    As the scriptures say, sorrow may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

    A woman who fears the Lord, she shall be blessed.

    By Blogger Jim, at 11/07/2006 4:15 PM  

  • You know what Rose? Your blog post is the most honest and godly I have read in quite sometime. Blessings to your and your soon to be born little one, as well as to all of your family.


    By Blogger Gojira, at 11/08/2006 11:35 AM  

  • Oh, Matthew, I didn't mean to feel sorry for myself. I hope it didn't come across that way. Thank you for your kind prayer.

    Thanks brother. What a sweet thought: there will be a day when your child will "rise up and call you blessed".
    Thanks for your words.

    Thanks, Janice. I know what you say is true. Children are a blessing. Absolutely! I am very blessed indeed.

    By Blogger Rose~, at 11/08/2006 1:50 PM  

  • Jim,
    Your comment is so welcome! Your wife must be quite a woman. My mother had 7 children also. I was the sixth. She doesn't remember any negative feelings at all. I know that is how it works! Very interesting how God designed it.
    Thanks for your visit.

    Hello Gojira!
    I have seen you around the Pyromaniacs making some comments that I truly appreciated there. I try not to say a lot over there because I am afraid of bullies. ;~)
    Thanks for your comment and your kind thoughts. I am glad you appreciated the post. The Bible has it right and to that I attest!

    By Blogger Rose~, at 11/08/2006 2:00 PM  

  • Rose,

    "I try not to say a lot over there because I am afraid of bullies. ;~)"

    I hear ya!!!!

    Yeah, afraid you will beat them up!

    By Blogger Gojira, at 11/09/2006 7:34 AM  

  • Reading your post reminded me of this verse:

    John 16:21
    21 A woman, when she is in labor, has sorrow because her hour has come; but as soon as she has given birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world

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    By Blogger Antonio, at 11/11/2006 12:52 AM  

  • Thank you Antonio. What a beautiful contribution to this post.

    By Blogger Rose~, at 11/13/2006 8:52 AM  

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