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Monday, February 20, 2006

That Husband of Mine

The Earnest Contender
My husband has been doing a series on the Baptist distinctives. He is right now discussing the role of "Pastor." It is intersting, especially some of the comments that he has been getting and the challenges about the "pastor" concept.

Tonight, he made a cow. Yes, he cooked. (This is a rarity). Our oldest son has taken to rejecting beef latley, because he likes cows. So, John said he would give him a different kind of cow to eat. It was a beautiful, delicious pizza! Who would have known?

the END


  • Truly talented dad. I don't see any anchovies though.

    By Blogger Todd, at 2/20/2006 7:20 PM  

  • That's because fish and beef don't go together so well, Todd.

    By Blogger Gordon Cloud, at 2/20/2006 10:13 PM  

  • Hi Rose,

    Looks like John's cow is slanting a little to one side. Must be lean beef :-)

    By Blogger Cleopas, at 2/20/2006 11:28 PM  

  • You guys are too funny.

    By Blogger J. Wendell, at 2/21/2006 5:15 AM  

  • Tell your son the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. That will put him off cows.

    That pizza is very creative.

    Who knows, maybe John will turn us all into Baptists.

    Every Blessing in Christ


    By Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist, at 2/21/2006 6:51 AM  

  • When that picture first appeared, I jumped back in fear.

    On closer examination, I realized it was pizza and I got hungry.

    I have enjoyed the Baptist Distinctives posts.

    By Blogger Joe, at 2/21/2006 7:26 AM  

  • My first impression was "Ahhh! What is it?? Dragon? Demon?" Then when I read your post, I saw that it was a cow. Looks yummy.

    By Blogger Carey, at 2/21/2006 7:34 AM  

  • Hi Rose,

    Does John do delivery too? If so, send him out my way. I would love to try a "beef" pizza.

    Now you know why I don't comment on "PURGATORIO". Oh well, so much for my attempt at humor.

    By Blogger bluecollar, at 2/21/2006 7:39 AM  

  • Hi Rose

    It looks like mad cow pizza

    By Blogger forgiven, at 2/21/2006 9:10 AM  

  • Hi Rose,

    Be careful Matthew. I was Baptized as a Baptist once already when I was 12 and I very conveniently cannot find my certificate of baptism. If that thing shows up, I'm going to have a lot of explaining to do. Then I may need your advice. But I'm sure it will be well-rounded and full of grace, and not an stale anchovie. Todd

    By Blogger Todd, at 2/21/2006 10:31 AM  

  • ...Or an anchovie that has lost its salt, I should say. Fine work John.

    By Blogger Todd, at 2/21/2006 10:44 AM  

  • Very Creative, but i see some peppers on that pizza and i couldnt touch them.

    By Blogger Dorothy, at 2/21/2006 3:30 PM  

  • That is the best pizza I've ever seen.

    Great stuff,


    By Blogger Doug E., at 2/21/2006 6:17 PM  

  • All of you kind people,
    Your nice comments here are much appreciated. My husband read every one and enjoyed them, also. Thank you for encouraging us with your wit, kindness and your known presence on our blogs.

    By Blogger Rose~, at 2/21/2006 11:25 PM  

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