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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Rose's Thanksgiving Poem

For creating the earth as you did, we are thankful
You brought us from the dust and we live
For animals and plants everywhere we enjoy
Your gracious care and protection you give

For giving the Bible as you did, we are thankful
You chose a people to record and reveal your plan
From those chosen people came a Savior
To put down all the unthankful ways of man

For shedding your blood as you did, we are thankful
Your sacrifice was full and complete
The death that you died couldn’t hold you
You came back to life and rose up to your seat

For creating your church as you did, we are thankful
You opened your arms and gave grace to mankind
Every breath we now breathe is a gracious reprieve
From the closing of books at the appointed time

For all you do, all you give, all you are, all your plan … we are Thankful!

I am not a veery good poet, but it is the thought that counts, right?


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