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Monday, September 26, 2005

To Blog or Not to Blog

To blog or not to blog...
That is the question.
This whole cyberspace thing is quite an interesting discovery for me. I have found resources that I am amazed at. For example... my husband and I had been wanting to buy a set of Worldbook encyclopedias. Since we purchased a computer last March, we don't need to "invest" in Worldbook encyclopedias or allocate any shelf space to them either!

To blog or not to blog...
I discovered the blogspot area on the web. My friend Dave Mullins introduced me to it when he was working at Emmanuel Baptist Church where I also work. I started reading his articles and joining in the discussion through comments. Then I discovered other blogs by people I don't know. They have many interesting things to say also, and I have enjoyed the discussions at their blogs.

To blog or not to blog....
That is a question I will answer on a day to day basis. I have a husband, 3 young children, a home to take care of ... and a part-time job! Time is very important to me so I need to use it wisely.

To blog or not to blog...
Today, I am starting a blog. If I decide to author a post, it will be on a subject that I believe I know something about ... or on a subject that I have an opinion regarding... or maybe it will just be something that I am thinking about and I want to know what others think about it. I will visit their blogs and I hope they will visit mine and interact with me through comments ... anonymous or otherwise ... agreeable or otherwise :) ... If it goes well and I feel it is not a supreme time-waster, I will continue.

To blog or not to blog...
here I go!


  • Rose~ I hope you will find enjoyment, enrichment, and encouragement here at your new forum...Rose's Reasonings. I like it!! May others who stop by be blessed because of it too.

    Yours in the faith,

    By Blogger J. Wendell, at 9/26/2005 6:31 PM  

  • Hi Rose,

    Welcome to blogging, glad to see you make the leap.

    By the way, I noticed that you are a graphic designer. So is my wife Nancy. She is a free-lancer, but she's designed hundreds of book covers for Christian books.

    By Blogger loren, at 9/27/2005 12:24 AM  

  • Thanks for the encouragement, Loren. You seem like such a nice guy! Your wife is doing what I always imagined I would do ... what I always dreamed of doing when I was in school. Things don't always go the way we imagine, though, not in Northwest Ohio anyway! I do enjoy what I do at our church. Besides the bulletins (which can sometimes be boring) I get to do a lot of brochures and posters (our church is very busy with CONSTANT events). The most enjoyable work, though, is designing covers for our pastor's sermon series that we are getting ready to market. That is the closest thing to a book cover that I have ever designed! I know nothing about web design, but maybe I will learn. God bless you.

    By Blogger Rose~, at 9/27/2005 12:41 AM  

  • The answer is: blog as much as you can, without letting it interfere with your real life.

    Thanks for the comment/compliment over at Think Sink, and welcome to the blogosphere!!!

    By Blogger Jeff H, at 9/27/2005 12:48 AM  

  • John (J. Wendell),
    Thank YOU for the encouragement...you are such a one to me.

    Can't wait to see what you will do next with your photo essays! I appreciate you commenting here.

    By Blogger Rose~, at 9/27/2005 9:40 AM  

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